Four new officers have joined the ranks of the Cheyenne Police Department, the agency announced Wednesday.

Kelly Allen, Salofi Gaoa, Timothy Painter, and Joseph Rodriquez were recently sworn in at the Cheyenne Public Safety Center.

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According to a department Facebook post, all four moved to Cheyenne from other areas --- Allen from Tennessee, Gaoa from northern Colorado, Rodriquez from Idalou, Texas, and Painter from Douglas, Wyoming.

Gaoa and Rodriquez both expressed a desire to give back to the community and make positive impacts by becoming police officers.

"So far, my favorite thing about Cheyenne would have to be the people as well as the natural beauty of the area," said Gaoa.

Painter, who worked as a teacher in Douglas for eight years and is a member of the Wyoming Air National Guard, shared that his work experience has made him passionate about public service and working in motivated team environments.

"I felt a higher calling to serve my state and community and the CPD is the best place to do just that," he said.

Allen, Gaoa, Painter, and Rodriquez are the eighth, ninth, tenth, and eleventh officers to be sworn in this year.

They will now attend the Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy in Douglas.

"We look forward to working alongside this talented group," the post reads. "Welcome to the CPD family!"


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