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Catch Sean Hannity today from 4-7PM MDT on AM650KGAB and
5:05pm MDT -- Katy Abrams and Jennifer Stefano of Americans for Prosperity will join the Director of the Center for Progress, Jason Childs, in discussing the fall out surrounding Obama Advisor, Hillary Rosen's comments about Ann R…
Hannity Had Exclusives with Trump and Newt Monday
Newt Gingrich and Donald Trump were spotted in NYC meeting today about the 2012 Presidential Race, and both will be joining Sean on the program today:

5:05pm EST DONALD TRUMP - Exclusive hour long interview with "the Donald" about his new book that hit stores today, "TIME T…
Today on Hannity
Listen today from 4-7PM MST as Sean's guests will be:
5:05pm MST Governor Rick Perry will join us as part of our Meet the Candidate Series along with Arizona's notoriously tough law enforcement agent, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, to discuss the issue of illegal immigration in the United States.
All-Star Day Today on Hannity: Cain, Rove and Rice


5:05pm MDT-  Presidential Candidate Herman Cain will join Sean to set the record straight on claims he sexually harassed two female employees while head of the National Restaurant Association.  
6:05pm MDT-  Karl Rove will weigh in on a House of Representatives panel vote from earlier today that wil…
Rubio and Santorum Are on Hannity Today
Today, Sean Hannity has:
5:05 pm MDT Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fl) will weigh in on the Administrations role in the death of Libyan leader Moammar Qadafi and will respond to a recent Washington Post article accusing the Senator of "embellishing his family's immigr…
It’s An All Star Sean Hannity Today
Hannity has a jam packed program today!
5:00 pm MDT-  Sarah Palin- a'la Chris Christie announced that she will not be running for President?  What is it with 'not running for President' being news these days?
Hannity has Coulter and More on Occupy Wall Street
Today Sean's featured guests will be :
5:05 pm MDT-  Conservative Author/Commentator Ann Coulter who also happens to be NJ Governor Chris Christie's biggest fan will join the program today to discuss the Governors press conference yesterday in which he reiterated that he will not…

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