Hannity has a jam packed program today!
5:00 pm MDT-  Sarah Palin- a'la Chris Christie announced that she will not be running for President?  What is it with 'not running for President' being news these days?
5:30 pm MDT-  Wall street Occupier Justin Adkins (http://justinadkins.com) joins us from the financial district battle zone in NYC.
6:00 pm MDT-  Fox Business Host Stuart Varney will react to Obama's jobs speech given earlier today
6:30 pm MDT-  Occupy Wall Street Organizer Grim Womyn and Tea Party Chairwoman Amy Kremer will discuss the grassroots movements they are each involved in and debate the ideologies and goals associated with these two movements.  Do the 'Occupiers' and 'Tea-Partiers' have more in common than one may think?