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5:05pm MDT -- Katy Abrams and Jennifer Stefano of Americans for Prosperity will join the Director of the Center for Progress, Jason Childs, in discussing the fall out surrounding Obama Advisor, Hillary Rosen's comments about Ann Romney's inability to act as an advisor on female economic issues since she was a stay at home Mother.

4:35pm MDT-- Fox News Democratic Strategist Bob Beckel and Fla. Attorney General Pam Bondi continue the analysis of the Trayvon Martin case and whether Zimmerman is being overcharged. Today Zimmerman's attorney attempted to secure a new judge for the trial of his client after Seminole County Circuit Judge Jessica J. Recksiedler disclosed that her husband, an attorney who works civil cases, works in the same firm as Mark NeJame, a criminal lawyer who had been previously contacted by Zimmerman for counsel. Our guests will also examine the second-degree murder charges facing Zimmerman.  Prosecutor Angela Corey, hasn’t specified what evidence she has to back up the charges, but in order to prove second-degree murder, she must show that Zimmerman committed an "imminently dangerous" act that showed a "depraved" lack of regard for human life.