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Worlds First Gas Chamber Was In Wyoming [VIDEO]
While prisoners had been executed by gas around the world, and in the United States, before Wyoming, our state was the first to have a special metal chamber built for that purpose.
A Wyoming Murder For A Good Cause
This time someone will be murdered, right here in Cheyenne Wyoming, for a good cause. It probably won't be the first time, or the last.
Clever Ways To Pee On A Lonely Wyoming Highway
Wyoming, long stretches of open highway with no towns, no trees, nothing to hide behind when you have to pee.
It's a little easier for a guy. A 4 door car means he can open front and back and stand in between. A two door means he has to wedge himself between the car and door...
Bear Hunters Of Wyoming [VIDEOS]
For those who wonder what the experience is like here are some interesting videos from a few Wyoming black bear hunters.
'Made In Wyoming' New Companies To Explore
If you enjoy exploring made in Wyoming products by small business people who create their products for a living as well as for the love of it then you'll enjoy exploring the Made In Wyoming website to see what is new.