Kids At Risk

Friday Morning Zone: Dedicated to Alex Frye
The entire Cheyenne community is mourning the tragic death this week of 13 year old Carey Jr. High School student Alexander Frye. Family members have verified that Alex had been a long-term bullying victim at school and was filled with anxiety about going back to school after the holidays and having…
Frye: Where Were We?
January 5, 2012-
Our community is once again filled with more sadness with the news that 13 year old Alexander Frye was found dead only a few blocks from his home. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Alexander’s friends and family. He had been missing since New Year’s Eve and while we all …
Drunk Driving, Feds Bully Pulpit, ADHD on the Morning Zone
7:07AM MST: licensed Professional Conselor Renee' Hansen and Child Advocate Attorney John Fretheway join us in our Kids At Risk Series to discuss a new U.S. government study out yesterday showing teens whose parents drink and drive are much more likely to do so themselves.
Juvenile Justice and the State Bullying Survey [AUDIO]
Friday is 'Kids-At-Risk' Day on The Morning Zone. These series of programs focus on the issues that put our children and families at risk in our community, our state and our country.At 7:07AM MDT, child advocate attorney John Frentheway and Licensed Professional Councilor, Renee Hansen weigh in on t…
Today on The Morning Zone[Audio]
Join us in The Morning Zone starting at 7:07AM MDT as DAVID SWANSON guests,
Swanson is one of the organizers of the anti-war and corporate power protests in D.C. now in Freedom Plaza. Today's protests include demonstrations at military contractors' headquarters...

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