7:07AM MST: licensed Professional Conselor Renee' Hansen and Child Advocate Attorney John Fretheway join us in our Kids At Risk Series to discuss a new U.S. government study out yesterday showing teens whose parents drink and drive are much more likely to do so themselves. The research, from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), suggests that parents' behavior behind the wheel has a very strong influence on teenagers.

8:07AM MST: President of The Nash Foundation and Bulling Hurts, Marvin Nash joins us with the discussion on a new government survey on school bullying. He says if President Obama is re-elected, look for the school bullying program to become a federal government mandate.

9:07AM MST:  Does Bad Behavior = ADHD? It’s a parent’s worst nightmare: the dreaded phone call from school saying your child is misbehaving—or impulsive—or (the biggie) lacks focus. The go-to
diagnosis is ADHD—all the symptoms point to it, right? “Wrong!” says ADHD expert Frank Barnhill, M.D. Many of the symptoms of ADHD are also those of other medical conditions and teachers, doctors and parents quick to assume an ADHD diagnosis (and quick to start meds) could be setting children up for a lifetime of unnecessary emotional stress, social problems, bias, discrimination and failure. Frank will educate your audience on what really is, and more importantly what is not, ADHD. Frank Barnhill, M.D., has practiced ADHD- behavioral and family medicine for 30 years. He is the
author of “Mistaken for ADHD,” a guideline for parents, teachers and health care providers for accurately diagnosing ADHD.