More than one in four children in the United States has been exposed to physical violence between their parents at home at some time in their lives, and one in nine has been exposed to this type of violence within the past year. A new study says this exposure to family violence includes hearing it, being told about it, seeing the consequences, or actually seeing it. At 7:07AM MDT, Dave Chaffin is joined by child advocate, John Frentheway and Pastor Gary Freeman in the first part of our 'Kids-AT-Risk' series.

Then at 8:07AM MDT, former teacher and education activist Donna Garner is back by popular demand with Dave and Marvin Nash from the Bullying Hurts program. Donna will be delving further into the GLBT, Human Rights Campaign and R&R Foundation hijacking the school bullying issue to make it a gay rights issue. Donna will also share her thoughts and research on why she believes Republican presidential candiate Herman Cain is our best hope to save the public education system from the diversity agenda. Don't miss this informative and contraversial 'Kids-At-Risk' Part 2