Donna Garner

The Last Man Standing-Newt, Mitt or Rick?
by Donna Garner---
1.27.12---Recently we noticed that a movie called The Last Man Standing is being shown on TV.  We have no idea what that movie is about nor whether it is any good; but the title seems to apply to the Republican candidates...
U. S. House To Stop Federal Takeover of Public Schools
by Donna Garner
I can hardly contain my excitement! Finally Congress has listened to us grassroots citizens who have been agonizing for more than two years about the Obama administration’s takeover of the public schools through Common Core Standards and Race to the Top...
Today Kids At Risk On The Morning Zone [Audio]
Catch our Kids-At-Risk Series today in The Morning Zone. At 7:07, John Frentheway, Renee Hansen and Gary Freeman join us to discuss dangerous new guidelines being developed here in the U.S. Children who are merely shy or sad are at risk of being diagnosed with mental disorders and given powerful dru…