The Legislature moved forward with the introduction of bills Tuesday.

The Wyoming Senate voted not to consider a bill to allow the use of firing squads to execute condemned inmates. The bill needed 20 votes to be introduced but only received 17. Sheridan Republican Senator Bruce Burns (SD-21) says state law specifies using lethal injection and as well as using a gas chamber as a backup. But the state doesn't have a gas chamber and is having a hard time getting the drugs for the lethal injection. Wyoming currently has one death row inmate, but it is not clear when he will be executed.

The House rejected a bill that would have made possession of an ounce or less of marijuana a civil penalty instead of a criminal penalty. The House also rejected a bill that would have lowered the severance tax on coal production.

Senator Drew Perkins (SD-29), a member of the Joint Appropriations Committee, says his constituents are concerned about how much money the Legislature spends. House Majority Floor Leader Representative Kermit Brown (HD-14) says the most important thing for his constituents is how the budget will affect Laramie. He believes the budget could reduce the amount of money dedicated to Laramie.

The deadline for voting for bills to be introduced is Friday, February 14th, 2014.