Cheyenne East and Cheyenne Central will write the latest chapter in their long and storied rivalry tonight at 5pm at Okie Blanchard Stadium. Weather could certainly be a factor, with temperatures forecast around 21 degrees with 10 mph winds at Kickoff. That could mean a bad night for the passing game and more turnovers.

Reasons East could win--

1, They are a better team. They are the higher seed(#4 vs#5) and won the regular season game 42-28.

2. Home field.-May not be the factor it would be in a non-crosstown game, but there is still a comfort factor in playing at home. Also you may be more aware of field quirks, which could matter in bad weather.

3. Recent playoff experience. East players have the advantage of a strong post-season run last year, including a huge road upset of Casper Natrona. It's always easier to do what you've done before.

Reasons Central could win--

1. Momentum. Central played well last week in a road win at Casper Kelly Walsh to nail down the number 5 seed. East lost at Sheridan, 31-21.

2. Revenge factor. Central will be out for payback for that 42-28 regular season loss. Nobody likes losing in front of your hometown fans to a big rival, and Central will remember. It's hard to beat a good team twice in a row, especially your arch-rival.

3.-Long-term history. Central has won a lot of these games in the past. Hard to say how much that matters, but like a lot of things, if you think it matters, it does psychologically.