Recently we did an unscientific poll among our listeners, to find out what there favorite grocery store is here in the Capital City. The results are in and we have a winner.

King Soopers is "king" among grocery stores here in Cheyenne. This was the number one pick among voters and won by a landslide. Here are the results of your favorites.

  1. King Soopers - 61% of those polled loved this grocery store for various reasons. Price, produce and all around nice setting.
  2. Walmart - Obviously this is not the #1 "go-to" store in Cheyenne. However, 11% of voters said they liked to shop there.
  3. Safeway - This store comes in at #3, which has been around for decades. This captured 8.5% of the vote of grocery goers.
  4. Albertson's - Coming in a close second to Safeway, just over 7% said they liked to shop here.
  5. Natural Grocers - Coming in at #5 is a specialty store, of sorts. Organic produce, meats and a place to buy supplements and other foods you may not be able to get elsewhere.

There you have it! These are the top 5 grocery stores in Cheyenne. Happy Shopping!