When Gina Hammock, of Cheyenne Wyoming posted this photo of this flag, which was flying off the from porch, but had blown up and over to the back roof of her house, I thought, lets go find some other unusual but real windy day stories.

Here is what I came up with. Please send us more if you have them.

It was so Windy in Wyoming even the trucks decided to lay down in the ditches to get out of it. (True, but I really can't say that this is what the trucks were thinking).

Nebraska is raking the leaves that were in your front yard. (Maybe an exaggeration. Maybe not).

Driving East on the highway you are marveling at the best gas mileage you have ever had. (We've all been there).

Some folks actually saw one of those big picnic table umbrellas flying high across town. (True story).

My neighbors dog was afraid to go out and pee. (True story).

Neighborhood trash cans decide to take a casual stroll down the street. (We've all seen it).

Something blows out of your hand so fast you actually debate if it is worth chasing after it or not. (We've all been there).

Your house is making noises that you usually only hear in horror movies. (We've all been there).

Your car is rocking side to side as you wait at the traffic light. (Been there, done that).

That guy who owns the Smart Car in town won't be taking it out today. (I'm sure that must be true).

There are white caps on the water at the Lions Park lake. (I've seen them).

You see a plane landing at the airport and you wish him luck. (I know for a fact I am not the only one who has done that).


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