It is not every day that a piece of Wyoming history changes hands. Some think this place is an eyesore or even a deathtrap. Others can see past its strange quirks to the surreal beauty. It is the Smith Mansion outside of Cody, Wyoming. Thousands drive past it on their way to Yellowstone National Park, and it was just sold in October of 2019.

According to the Cody Enterprise, Zhiru Huang of Mountain Lodging bought the mansion. She also owns some adjacent land including the Holiday Lodge and the Green Creek Inn and RV Park. In the story from the Enterprise, she stated that the future of the property is unknown. Huang's first priority is safety. Whether the building will become a tourist destination or will be rebuilt will be determined in the future.

The property was listed for $750,000 by Richard Reality in August of 2018. The mansion sits on over 10 acres of land and has over 437,000 square feet for the lot. There is well water and plenty of space. However, it doesn't have any bedrooms or bathrooms. It also lacks some of the creature comforts like gas, electric, and sewer. Thankfully, the building doesn't have any HOA's either.

The building was from the mindscape of Frances Lee Smith. He was the man who designed and built the mansion. Tragically, the project also took his life. His dream continued to capture the imagination of those who traveled past. The New York Times published a story about the mansion in 2012. People have stopped by to photograph the landmark. It has been part of several documentaries and films as well.

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