One of the most underrated structures you will ever see built anywhere is Cody, Wyoming's Smith Mansion. Architecturally, it is one of the greatest things you could view throughout not only the state, but in the entire U.S. Someone's dad joke about the structure happens to be one of the best things you could see on TikTok all year.

As someone who has lived in Wyoming just a few years, I did not know what the Smith Mansion was before living in the Cowboy State. Francis Lee Smith, a builder and engineer, built the home for his wife and children, using locally harvested logs and wood. At first, it looked like a normal house. That changed when Smith essentially never stopped building. He added extra floors and even some extra balconies.

According to Atlas Obscura, this seemingly never ending project continued even through his divorce and he would continue to add on to the house with winding staircases and terraces on the upper floors of the unique structure. Unfortunately, Smith fell to his death from an upper level of the home.

With its unique history, it was only a matter of time before someone on TikTok did something creative with the mansion in mind...

The video not only comes with a solid joke about Smith Mansion, but also is accompanied by a solid Chris Janson tune. The jokes are true though. It would be tough to get a homeowner's association (HOA) to go along with the construction of that house. And it's most likely any Karen's worst nightmare. What is just about as entertaining as the video itself is the comments left for the video on TikTok. Read them. You won't be disappointed.

For a better look at the house, check out these tweets...


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