I have a friend who had never seen snow until he moved to Wyoming.

Some folks have never seen it, some moved down south and kinda miss it. So why not send them some?

I'm sure you want to mail some in time for Christmas. The closest date to Christmas we are delivering is on December 22nd, 2018. They can't make shipments for Christmas eve this year (based on FedEx's holiday schedule).

They can deliver on December 28th & 29th!

Here is how it works: They hand pack natural snow into thick Styrofoam coolers. Each box is sealed with heavy duty packing tape and packaged with a note.

The snow is typically from Vermont. Sorry, if you want to send it from Wyoming you'll have to do it yourself.

You can sign your name and write a personal note. You Can Mail Snow To Your Friends Down South

They take the cooler and place into an outshell, cardboard box. FedEx express picks up the snow and flies directly to the closest airport near its destination. All of our shipments are sent Overnight Priority and arrive within 16-18hrs.

We've shipped over 15,000 lbs of Snow to 42 different states!
We've perfected the art of shipping snow. We've literally shipped TONS of snow.


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