A few years ago I came across a video that said it was a bad idea to warm up your car in the winter. They claimed that since newer cars don't have carburetors they only need 30 seconds to warm up.

They also claimed that your heater would kick in quickly, in just a few blocks, as you drove down the road.

The town of Jackson Wyoming even tried passing an ordnance to stop being from leaving their cars idling to warm them.

Today, I found a South Dakota TV station running that story again. That's why I dug the old video response I created a few years back and decided to recycle it. That video is above.

Obviously anyone who thinks you don't need to warm up you vehicle in the winter has never lived in a place like Wyoming. In this video I listed several reasons why warming your car is a must.

To those who think that warming the vehicle is not necessary, please watch the above video. If you are still not convinced them please move to a place like Wyoming and see how fast you change your mind.

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