Winter weather has finally cleared for 2018, the grass is greening, let the free falls begin.

Just because Wyoming is so high in altitude doesn't mean that no one skydives here. There's plenty of room to free fall. Because Wyoming is not considered as skydivers state, prices for the experience are very affordable for the first timers.

A quick search of the internet shows that there are skydive clubs and schools all over. For Cheyenne Wyoming, one company is called Skydive Wyoming.

Take a lesson or do a tandem jump with a professional, if you are new to the sport. The cost is not as much as you might think for an experience you'll never forget.

The jumper in this video chooses Newcastle, Wyoming for his jump site. Because he's jumping in winter, he's wearing a heavy jump suit and a full Plexiglas face plate to protect himself from the cold.

Go on, scratch it off your bucket list. Then you can say you did it.

Did you hear about the skydivers in Wyoming who jumped during the eclipse? The video below has their adventure.

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