A few days ago we ran a story showing that it Wyoming was actually warmer than Antarctica. 

Now, Wyoming can say that is it warmer than the East Coast, the South, and ven parts of Florida.

One might think that this would mean that Wyoming should expect a flood of East Coasters heading our way to get out of the snow and get warm. One might think, but most of the roads and airports are closed so, no, they can't make it. Aw shucks.

What a switch this is.

Normally Wyomingites are bombarded with winter ads showing warm white sand beaches and young people with 2 percent body fat frolicking around in the surf.

Maybe we should send them a few commercials showing how much fun we are having out here. We could take pictures of ourselves laying out on a lawn chair in the sagebrush with antelopes in the background. Doesn't that sound enticing?

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