In Florida, when the temperature reaches a mear 70, it is common to see the sweaters and hoodies come out.

Folks here in Wyoming won't even reach for that until it's in the mid-30s with a 50-mph wind. Even then it is typically a sweater or hoodie perhaps an open coat worn properly with short pants.

When we finally get down into the 20s it's okay to put on long pants and gloves. But mind how many layers worn under the shirt. Now is a good time to close the windows. But no one is turning on the heat just yet.

Heavy coats can finally come out when it reaches near or below zero. Wyomingites are allowed to comment on the cold when the first negative number shows on the bank thermometer.

Meanwhile, back in Florida, the heater is on in the house before the first sight of frost on the lawn. Strange as it may seem Floridians will paint their windows with fake snow come Christmas time.

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