In our modern times, there are entire websites dedicated to live streaming video from around the globe. You can watch the Eiffel Tower any time you wish or even visit Time Square in real time.

But what about Wyoming? What interesting sites has Wyoming pointed cameras at?

Here is, in our opinion, the top 5 Wyoming webcam locations.

1). Old Faithful. This camera is sometimes live and sometimes prerecorded but either way, it will show you current conditions.

2). Jackson Hole Town View. The camera is located high above the beautiful historic downtown looking down on it. It's a national favorite.

3). Star Valley North webcam has a beautiful view of a ranch with mountains beyond.

4). Tower Cam from Day Weather in Cheyenne Sure you can watch the airplanes come and go, but it's also up there to watch our weather.

5). Laramie Webcams. Bonus, there are many on this site and they are all pointed at something interesting.


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