Tuesday, April 28th, is the first official day of school in Laramie County Wyoming. Some will be attending school for the first time. For others it will be their last year in school.

These day's most schools are massive sprawling buildings covering vast tracks of land with hundreds of students, if not thousands. Though there are a few places in Wyoming where the population of the student body may be no more than a dozen, or less.

In a series shown on television, now available on YouTube, Wyoming PBS gives us a glimpse back to the days of the one room school house.

It might seem surprising to hear that there are still one room school houses, but they do exist in Wyoming. There are 23 single-teacher schools operating in isolated areas of the state. The smallest is Cozy Hollow Elementary that at one time, not to long ago, had just one student.

This video from Wyoming PBS shows us what schools were like back when students had to walk, in the snow, up hill, both ways.

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