While traveling the vast nothingness of Wyoming's openness, one may wonder where is the most remote, out in the middle of no place, farthest from nothing spot in the state.

Open a map. Find this spot. It is beautiful.

According to map experts the most remote location in what we call "the lower 48," or North America, is in Wyoming. You'll find their data posted on a website called Peakbagger.com, which lists remote location for expert hikers.

It's called the Thorofare region and it's located in the southeast corner of Yellowstone National Park. Taking in the entire continental U.S. this spot is furthest from roads, homes, and people than anywhere else in the state, despite the number of tourist in Yellowstone park.

The Thorofare region covers 2600 square miles right where the southeast tip of Yellowstone National Park meets the Bridger-Teton National Forest and the Shoshone National Forest. There are amazing views in all directions if you can get there to enjoy them.

This is not to say that no one ever visits. There are ranger cabins and they can be rented. This video shows a group of people who scheduled a vacation out there, where there is no cell service, or internet, or coffee shops.

This place might just be Wyoming best-kept secret.

Maybe America's best-kept secret.

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