A free fishing day is coming to Wyoming. What could go wrong?

According to the KGAB Radio website the Wyoming Game And Fish Department has once again set aside a day where anyone can fish, no licence required. Some rules still apply.

So grab your rod and reel and get out there. But before you go, remember the following:

1). Did you tie off a line from boat to shore before you let your vessel roll off the trailer into the water? If not you'll be swimming after your boat. I've seen it happen.

2). Did you connect your boat to the trailer before pulling it up the ramp? You would be surprised how often that is overlooked.

3). Do you have a fishing 'hot spot?' If you do, never show your family or friends no matter how much you like them or want them to like you. Once you give it away to one person everyone knows about it and it is gone.

4). Look around you before you cast. You're trying to catch fish, not people, or trees, or dogs, or power lines.

5). Bringing the wrong bait or lures.

6). Bringing people who make too much noise.

7). Not bringing enough beer.


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