September 11, 2001: It’s the day no American will ever forget. Lt. Col. Robert Darling was with the vice president and national security advisors beneath the White House during the attacks of 9/11, giving him a unique perspective far beyond the media reports and documentaries attempts to convey  what happened during the worst terrorist attack in history on U.S. soil. Lt. Col. Darling will take your audience ringside into the incredible events that occurred that day including the military order to intercept and engage United Flight 93, the near shoot-down of a medical evacuation helicopter, placing our strategic nuclear forces to DEFCON 3, and other unprecedented crisis leadership decisions made on behalf of all Americans.  Listen during the Morning Zone at 7:07AM MDT and get the details from Col. Darling.

Then at 7:37, The Great, Secret Social Security Theft .There’s a lot of talk today about governmententitlement programs like Social Security and how they’ve gotten out of control and will eventually run out of money. Noted economist and author Allen Smith, Ph.D. has been writing about Social Security for more than a decade. He will talk about the “Great Social Security Theft” our government doesn’t want you to know about. He’ll reveal insidious ways Social Security has been mishandled and plundered – and why your future has been put in jeopardy. You’ll learn how $2.6 trillion in Social Security surplus revenue has been spent on wars and other expensive government programs, leaving the trust fund empty, and why tax hikes that continue to burden you and your family put big money into the pockets of rich people who got income tax cuts. Dr. Allen Smith is professor of economics, emeritus, Eastern Illinois University and the author of seven books including “The Looting of Social Security.” He’s appeared on CNN, CNNfn and morethan 170 radio shows.

At 8:07, Ben Barrak is back to request,Will Congressman Eliot Ness Please Stand Up?

And, at 9:07 Senior State Economist Jim Robinson will be back to give us his latest update on the Wyoming economy.

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