Almy, Wyoming was the smallest of the three Chinatowns. Seven miles north of Evanston's Chinatown.

Rock Springs, Wyoming had largest of the three Chinatowns in Wyoming. It was the site of the infamous Rock Springs Massacre where many Chinese died.

They worked on the railroad from the extreme south west of Wyoming to Rock Spring. Evanston has an archaeological dig for what they called, "China Town" which was at the edge of their town.

Many families dug holes into the ground to make their homes. They were not allowed to live in town with the white folk.

September 26th, 1885, white men in Rock Springs Wyoming killed 28 Chinese and wounded 15 others, due to the Chinese workers being willing to work for a lot less than a white man. The remaining several hundred other Chinese residents were chased out of town. The refugese were picked up by train and taken to Evanston to be protected by the military. They were eventually returned to where they came from, under the protection of the military.

They story goes on from there of the old China Town's of Wyoming. Watch this Wyoming PBS special, above, to learn the entire story.

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