Tractor pulls are every bit as much of a contest as rodeos are. For those who have not seen them, there are also professional tractor pulls just like there are professional rodeos.

Rodeos began in the Old West as a friendly contest between cowboys on the ranch. They continue today much in the same way, as well as on the professional level.

The same is true with tracker pulls.

Here are a few videos of down home amateur Wyoming tractor pulls that have been posted on YouTube.


  • 1

    2015 Wyoming State Fair Tractor Pull

    The big toys come out with the old and the new.

  • 2

    Antique Tractor Pull in Sheridan, Wyoming

    Can the old girl still pull it? You bet she can.

  • 3

    Wyoming County Pull

    Small and humble but they can still pull it.

  • 4

    Big Ol' Farm Tractors From Wyoming

    Watch them blow black smoke and hear them rumble.

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