As the land we call Wyoming stretches out over the horizon we can see, dotted across the flowing grass, old abandon ranches. The land is still owned and being worked. But the original homestead, barns and other outbuildings are falling down.

It is sad yet inspiring all at the same time.

Photographers and video junkies can't seem to help themselves when they come across these old places. They document for us the generation that is fading away.

Here are a few of the best video and pictures of old homesteads as they lay themselves back down into the landscape.


  • 1

    Abandon Ranch On The Prairie.

    This one is located on I-25 between Kaycee and Buffalo.

  • 2

    The Wyoming Ranch

    The old home and outbuildings are being swallowed but sagebrush.

  • 3

    Scientology Abandoned Sweeney Ranch Vault

    Here you will see the underground bunkers that were to be build. But it was never finished.The old original ranch houses are beautiful even as they fall apart.

  • 4

    Old Trappers Cabin

    What's left of this place can still be fund in Medicine Bow Natural Forest, Wyoming,

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