A recent post by one of our Townsquare Media stations suggested that Wyoming would not be able to withstand the inevitable zombie apocalypse. The source for this absurd  idea came from an mathematician in, of all places, Brazil.

According to the study, no country in the world would survive a zombie apocalypse...Except for one...North Korea.

We may have a good pile of guns, but the researchers say that only trained military personnel will truly be able to fend off hoards of zombies. In fact the study says "a minimum of 47 soldiers per 1,000 citizens for a country to survive if the dead were to rise, only North Korea, which has 47.4 military personnel per 1,000 residents, has any sort of chance of surviving a zombie outbreak." 

Here is the U.S.A. we have roughly 4.2 soldiers per 1,000 citizens.

This study could not be more wrong. The first reason why is, obviously, because the author has never been to Wyoming, nor has he been to North Korea. He bases his idea on math alone. Well there is a lot more to fighting a zombie hoard then just math.

Lets look at North Korea first, where the people are starving to the point that it hard to tell the difference between a citizen and a zombie. Their soldiers will not be able to tell the difference between a citizen and a zombie. So we eliminate North Korea from the list of survives.

Here in Wyoming hunting zombies would become a sport. Open season. No Tag. No Limit. The thrill of shooting long distance would wipe out about 1/3rd of the hoard before they got close to town. After that it's the big guns and the fun of spraying them down. From there it is pickup trucks filled with Wyomingites screaming with delight as they let loose with any sort of weapon that has not yet been shot. This includes bow and arrow as well as home made explosives.

Frankly, the folks here in Wyoming will be a little sorry when it's all over.

Yes, Wyoming will survive just fine.

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