If you haven't experienced them yourself, you likely know someone who has. A migraine can be a terrible experience and living in Wyoming may not help.

According to some researchers, the answer as to why some get a migraine may be 'blowin' in the wind.'

In the past, people who have had encounters with migraines thought that the wind may have had something to do with the onset. However, scientists were unable to prove whether that was accurate or not.

After comparing notes with 75 people who experienced migraines, the scientists are now looking at the possibility of Chinook winds, found in the Rocky Mountain region of America, being a major factor in people suffering from them.

The cause of migraines has been attributed to blood vessels in the brain expanding and causing painful pressure against the nerves. According to the National Migraine Association, 23 million Americans suffer from them.

According to Dr. Werner Becker, the wind can certainly be a migraine trigger. Dr. Becker researched this and found that 32 patients out of 75 tested, experienced migraines during a Chinook.

Since the wind is no stranger to Wyoming, some of the answers to the migraine mystery could be blowin' in the wind.


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