This uniquely Wyoming culinary experience can be found on Lander's Main Street.

Dairy Land Drive-In has been a staple for Fremont County eaters for decades. Burgers and fries, milkshakes, and their signature food: The Cheesewheel. Imagine a cheeseburger, but deep-fried. Salty, meaty, cheesy, and really good for you.

Warning: The Cheesewheel is incredibly addicting. No matter how far from Lander you live, you will be forced to try to seek out the Cheesewheel again and again after trying for the first time.

Dairy Land's menu keeps you coming back, but the friendly atmosphere and a funny marquee are extra delights.

Requests are taken for the storefront marquee and Dairy Land has used it for everything from birthday wishes to help high school students land prom dates. On days there are no requests, the store owner, Clay Appleby uses his terrific sense of humor and usually makes Lander residents laugh.

Dairyland Lander, Wyoming
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