Usually, when a word appears in the Urban Dictionary it is because that word has a local meaning in a particular city. At times those words leak their way out into the general public and folks want to know their meaning.

For example: Bling. A diamond ring or other expensive jewelry is known as 'bling." Usually because of its shiny nature.

So why is the name Wyoming in the Urban Dictionary? Are people in urban areas using our state name in some way we don't know about?

Here is what is says: Wyoming
Possibly the most ignored unpopulated state in America.
Wyoming? Where the **** is Wyoming?

Well, that's a little offensive. Can't say it's not true. Come to think of it we kinda like being small in population and ignored by those big smelly noisy states. So most Wyomingites should not have a problem with this definition. But still, it did not sound like they were being nice.

Okay, fine, two can play at this game. So let's look up the city of Philadelphia. Hmm. It says a lot of nice things doesn't it? Looks like they are going out of their way to be nice to one of the worst cities in America. Let's make a more realistic definition proposal: Philadelphia, also called Filth-a-death-i-a. Just visit and you'll smell why. 

Hey look at this, the Urban dictionary really stretches to say nice things about the city of Detroit. Here, I can fix that: Detroit - where you can have your car stripped for parts and your money and life taken before you even check into your hotel. There, that's a lot more realistic.

Okay, this time lets step away from the cities and pick on another state. How about Illinois. Click on the link and you will see that, once again, they go out of their way to say nice thing about a place that is a complete mess. So how about: Illinois, people move to Wyoming to hide from the Illinois tax collector.

Oh yes I feel much better now. I hope you do to.

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