With Houston and much of Florida under water after a couple of hurricanes, several states led by Wyoming say that they have had enough. They are suing several Southern states for hoarding all the rain and leaving most of the west high and dry.

"We have a whole bunch of pretty big fires out here," said the spokesman for the coalition of states. "We have water restriction to the point that no one has been able to shower in over a month. You have any idea what it smells like when an entire country hasn't showered in that long?"

While Western states have been struggling with drought and fires many southern states have had so much rain every car is under water and it is now bass boat gridlock as everyone tries to get to work.

"Just how much rain do they think they need," said the spokesman. "I'm sure we can share a little. It's bad enough we have to ship so much of our Western water to California. Why can't those Southern states send a little our way?"

A countersuit has been filed by Florida on behalf of six Southern states. "We hear they're already getting winter weather. Do they have any idea how idea how hot it is down here?"

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