With more and more reports out that many American's don't even have $500 for emergencies, that means personal retirement savings are suffering too.

Our friends at WalletHub.com conducted a deep survey in identifying what are the best and worst states to retire in, in 2017.

The way the put the survey together is they compared 50 states and the District of Columbia and put them up against 31 key metrics. Some of the highlights of these measurements included weather, adjusted cost of living and quality of public hospitals.

If you retire in Wyoming, you can expect some great things.

  • Air Quality - #1
  • Taxpayer Ranking - #4
  • Percentage of the population 65 and older that are working - 8th
  • Property/ Crime Rate - 13th
  • Health Care Facilities per Capita - 16th
  • Adjusted Cost of Living - 19th

According to the research of WalletHub.com, overall, Wyoming ranked the 2nd best state to retire in. The worst place to retire, according to their metrics, was Rhode Island.

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