Like a flower opening, it can happen so slow we don't see it.

We see the dripping, the running water, maybe the occasional slide. But we need time-lapse to speed up the process so we can see what is actually happening.

Here are a few of the best videos we could find of Wyoming snow in time-lapse.


  • 1

    45 Days

    Some time-lapse is shot over minuets, or hours. Here is one shot over 45 days.

  • 2

    Casper Blizzard 2009

    Even a blizzard looks different when sped up.

  • 4

    Laramie Blizzard 2013

    Watch the blue SUV across the street

  • 5

    Back yard in Torrington.

    GoPro on the ground as the snow piles round.

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