Wyoming Secretary of State Max Maxfield wants to warn Wyoming business owners of a deceptive solicitation letter and form that has surfaced in many states.

Maxfield says businesses have received a letter and form that appears to be an “Annual Minutes Disclosure Statement.”  According to a news release,  the form seems to insinuate that it is to be filled out and a fee paid in order for the businesses to comply with state and national laws.  These forms may even reference “state statutes”, “piercing the corporate veil” or “the Patriot Act.”

The letter and form may also appear similar to other government forms, contain an official looking seal and refer to a statute or quote other laws. Maxfield says the letter may also imply that failing to return the form and pay a fee may place your company in jeopardy,  or may cause you to be in noncompliance with the State.

Maxfield says letters of this type have been received in other states including Colorado. Maxfield says notifying Wyoming businesses of impending business scams is yet another step in the effort to prevent Wyoming businesses from being taken advantage of.  Maxfield says any business that receives a letter that seems questionable to contact his office immediately by emailing compliance@wyo.gov or by calling 307-777-7370.