National Geographic photographer Pete Muller went to Texas to explore how boys become men. He decided to start by following young rodeo riders.

Some of these young men will eventually compete at Cheyenne Frontier Days. But they have to learn how to take a hit and rub some dirt in it first.


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    Kid's Rodeo - Upton, Wyoming

    The story from Texas is a great one. But now he needs to come to Wyoming, where it all started.

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    Wyoming Kid Roping Expert

    Maybe he would like to meat a young roping expert. After school, most 10-year-olds kick back with a snack and an afternoon of cartoons. Not Ketch Kelton. This cowboy's day is just starting. The young rodeo star from Cordes, Arizona, ropes hard and rides hard with his dad Chance; he’s already won 23 saddles and recently split a $20,000 prize.

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    Expert Rodeo kid

    This Wyoming kid will be a world champ some day.

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