Many headlines in the U.S. currently may have you wondering about your public safety. But if you're in Wyoming, you're definitely in one of the safest spots throughout the entire country.

Our friends at WalletHub recently did the research to determine just how safe each state in the U.S. is. Across 53 determining key factors that were used in the study, it seems that Wyoming ranks as the 5th safest state overall in the U.S.

Not only does Wyoming have the 3rd most law-enforcement employees per capita, but we also ranked 6th in 'personal and residential safety'. Some other numbers included in determining the rankings were the following:

  • 15th – WalletHub “States Offering the Most Coronavirus Support” Score
  • 12th – Murders & Non-Negligent Manslaughters per Capita
  • 12th – Assaults per Capita
  • 20th – Fatalities per 100 Million Vehicle Miles of Travel

The only states that finished ranked ahead of Wyoming were Utah, Minnesota, Vermont, and Maine, which finished as the safest state overall. While you might think it's odd to see Minnesota being safer given recent events, keep in mind that the overall rankings were done over a period time that lasts much longer than just recent weeks.

Check out the map below to see where all other states rank on the list.

Source: WalletHub
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