Free burgers and hot dogs were served from a grill that was made to look like a giant pistol as supporters of the 2nd Amendment gathered in front of the Wyoming Supreme Court building on Saturday April 14th 2018.

This event has been scheduled, national wide, for over a year. Unlike other states participants in Wyoming have the legal right to show up on the courthouse lawn caring just about any firearm they want in any way they wish, open or concealed.

In most other states 2nd Amendment advocates gathered at their state capitals. In Wyoming, however, the capital is under renovation, to the rally was held catty corner at the Wyoming supreme court building.

Speakers included Dr. Taylor Haynes, who is running for governor for the 3rd time, and state senator Anthony Bouchard, founder of Wyoming Gun Owners and author of Wyoming's new Stand Your Ground Law and anyone else who wished to grab the mic.


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