We are on the cusp of entering into July 2022 and if you haven't gotten away to take any summer road trips just yet, at least you're in luck due to the fact that your road trip doesn't even have to be that long to make it a great one. The reason for that is because Wyoming is one of the absolute top states in the country for summer road trips.

'Best Life' recently named their top 10 list of 'best states for summer road trips' and Wyoming happens to be a destination that everyone has as a must-visit given the fact that they made the list. Whether you're making a trip to Yellowstone National Park, hiking somewhere in the Grand Tetons, or checking out Cheyenne Frontier Days in the capital city, there are plenty of reasons why the Cowboy State makes a great spot for summer road trips.

As for where Wyoming finished on the list, they did just sneak in at #10. That is not at all to be slighted given the fact that Florida, a popular road trip destination that seems to always be top of mind, finished just one spot ahead of Wyoming at #9. Another popular spot you would think might make it is California. Nope. Nowhere to be found in the top 10. Here's what 'Best Life' had to say about Wyoming's spot within the top 10 best states for summer road trips:

As it's the home to the majority of Yellowstone National Park, it may not come as a surprise that Wyoming earns high marks for being the second least expensive state in which to camp. It also ranks high in safety, coming in 12th overall nationwide.

They're not wrong. Camping is a huge highlight for the Cowboy State, and it's on the cheaper side of things.

Counting down from the #9 spot ahead of us with the aforementioned Florida was, Idaho, North Carolina, Ohio (really), Maine, Louisiana, Texas, Minnesota, and New York. Aside from Ohio, I think I could see reason for road tripping in any of those other states.

But look at us Wyoming! We don't even have to go that far for a road trip since so much is within the confines of our great state. And also, Colorado, too bad! You didn't make the list!

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