Doug Randall, Townsquare Media
Doug Randall, Townsquare Media

A Wyoming state Senator who worked in law enforcement for two decades is offering his comments on the shootings of Dallas Police officers as well as other recent shooting incidents across the country.

Leland Christensen is a Republican lawmaker from Teton County and a candidate for Wyoming's lone seat in congress. But he said the comments he offered on Friday were from the perspective of a former deputy sheriff rather than as a candidate or legislator.

Christensen says that incidents such as the Dallas shootings will always increase the tension for people in law enforcement as well as their families, friends and even the community as a whole. But he says the important thing to remember is that most people are basically good people, whether in law enforcement of the public in general.

Christensen says he thinks it's ''a few bad actors" who tend to get the headlines and don't represent the average person or average police officer.

He says he thinks it's important for people right now to " treasure your loved ones, show a little respect and give people just a little more space." He went on to say that gestures of support for law enforcement, whether offered in person or on facebook, have special meaning and are appreciated.

Christensen also encouraged people to not rush to judgement on shooting incidents around the country, but rather "wait until all the facts come out" before forming an opinion.

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