With July traditionally being the hottest month of the year, it's no secret that for pretty much everywhere throughout the country, your energy bill might be as high as it will get all year. So some places, like Wyoming, have it more expensive than others.

According to WalletHub, energy costs end up being anywhere between 5 and 22 percent of families' after-tax income. Low energy costs aren't always money savers depending on where everyone lives in the country, as well as how much energy they use. And now with lots of the country spending time indoors during the summer due to quarantine, it's no surprise that residential energy bills are increasing in many parts of the country.

In Wyoming, we are the 7th most-energy expensive state in the U.S. This was taken from the study based on analysis of the usage of residential electricity, natural gas, motor fuel, and home heating oil in each state. From those combined expenses, the average monthly energy bill comes out to $315. The following statistics show where Wyoming ranks for each of those aforementioned categories:

  • 28th – Electricity Consumption per Consumer
  • 12th – Natural-Gas Consumption per Consumer
  • 24th – Price of Motor Fuel
  • 1st – Motor-Fuel Consumption per Driver (the most)

It seems that fives of the six states ahead of Wyoming that are even more expensive are in the New England states: 1-Connecticut, 2-Massachusetts, 3-Rhode Island, 4-New Hampshire, and 6-Maine. Alaska (5th) was the only other state besides those to finish ahead of Wyoming on the list.

Washington, D.C., was the least-expensive energy region on the list and Washington state finished just behind them, while our neighbors to the south in Colorado were the 3rd least-expensive energy state with their average monthly energy bill coming to about $220.

To see where each state ranked on the list, check out the map below:

Source: WalletHub
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