A recent article posted on the website Wallet Hub claims that Wyoming is near the bottom of the list when it comes to caring for the planet.

"WalletHub looked at areas like LEED-certified buildings per Capita, energy consumption, and renewable sources, among others. Our area brought in some of the worst numbers in those categories along with gasoline consumption and soil quality. We do however, have the highest air quality out of anyone out there."

Lets take a closer look at this:

As for renewable energy, I invite anyone to look at how much toxic waste is created when building wind turbines, solar panels, and electric cars. 'Going Green' is not so green after all. Not when rare Earth minerals are needed.

There is a reason rare earth minerals are called rare. That means it is not sustainable.

Wind turbines kill birds and bats by the hundreds of thousands every year, in North America alone. The exact numbers are in dispute but it is in the hundreds of thousands every year.

All of this means that the so called 'green, renewable' energy is toxic, not renewable, and a killer of wildlife. So it is a good thing that Wyoming has not jumped on this bandwagon.

The story goes on to point out that Wyoming has poor soil quality. So what does that have to do with humans? The soil in this area was poor quality long before people arrived here.

Then they say that we use a lot of gasoline, per capita. Have they come out here to see the long distances we have to drive? Now lets go to New York or California and look at how many cars sit is massive traffic jams for hours every day with their engines idling.

According to the Walled Hub story, states in the top 10 'greenest' category include New York, California and Massachusetts.

But According to the American Lung Association, the 10 most polluted cities in America are in California. Next in line for lousy smoggy air is Boston Massachusetts and New York City. Wyoming, according to the study, has some of the cleanest air in the nation.

Earth day is Sunday April 22nd. Wyoming can proudly say that we beat all other states in how 'green' we are. No one takes care of their state better than the people of Wyoming.


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