The Wyoming House of Representatives has approved a bill requiring motorists to give vehicles parked on the side of the road displaying flashing lights leeway on the highway..

House Bill 64 says that on multilane highway or interstate drivers must move over to the most distant lane from the parked vehicle when passing such a parked vehicle. VIolators could be hit with a $120 fine.

When the road is only two lanes, driver  is required to slow down to 20 mph below the posted speed limit. The bill does include exceptions in both cases for anytime a police officer is on the scene directing traffic.

The vote on third reading of the bill Thursday was 32-26 in favor of the bill with two absent. The Wyoming Senate would still have to approve the measure before the bill could be sent to Governor Matt Mead.

Wyoming motorists are already required to pull over for parked law enforcement vehicles which have their lights on.

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