Nothing like a great hike on a beautiful day.

Some folks just lace up the old sneakers and head out. For others it is a back pack full of stuff, expensive shoes or boots and socks, walking sticks, special hiking hat, expensive hiking long pants or shorts and a high priced hiking shirt.

Then there is all the stuff that goes into a backpack. Some people like to think of everything, just in case. So do we really need all this stuff?

It depends on where you are hiking and how long the hike will be. With that in mind, lets get started.

Good socks, yes, that is a must. Good sneakers are just fine. There is no reason for overly priced sneakers or boots.

Something to wipe sweat with is a good idea.

Hats and sunglasses are a must.

Sunscreen if you will be in the open or are someone who burns easy.

Walking sticks, also called 'trekking poles' are a good idea if the hike is up the side of a steep mountain. That extra push from the arms adds to the workout and makes the climb just a little easier. But on most hikes they are not needed.

Water is a must. Snacks are not a bad idea just in case of a drop in energy on a long hike. Some people like to over pack food they will never eat on the trip. Usually just a granola bar will do.

It's not a bad idea to keep a charged cell phone, just in case. Most items found in a first aid kit will never be used.

There are companies out there that like to sell you a lot of expensive stuff that you do not need. But if you are the sort of person that loves buying all that because you are into it that is just fine too. Just don't expect the rest of us to help you carry it.

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