It is definitely that ideal time of year for hiking and with Wyoming being a prime spot with so many trails, there are lots of options to head out to. One of those options happened to end up on the list of 'Best Fall 2021 Hikes' in North America.

One of the most well known traveling publications, 'Travel & Leisure', listed the top nine hikes (in no particular order) throughout North America. So we're not just talking about the U.S., it's the entire continent. With just a little more than a two hour drive north from both Cheyenne and Laramie, you may find yourself near Laramie Peak in Garrett, WY, which is where 'Travel & Leisure' lists one of North America's 'Best Fall 2021 Hikes'.

Check out what the popular travel publication had to say about the hike:

The highest and most prominent peak in the rugged state of Wyoming, Laramie is one of this list's more rigorous hikes. It's a 9.9 mile out-and-back with copious chances for wildlife sightings, including black bears, deer, and mountain lions. Like the La Perouse Bay trail, Laramie's base is a bit out of the way; it must be accessed by vehicle along a rough-and-tumble gravel road. Its true off-the-beaten path location, however, means seclusion and mountain zen in spades. The majority of the hike is tree-covered, so fall visitors are pretty much guaranteed a colorful journey.

In case you haven't had the pleasure of checking out what Laramie Peak is all about, check out a couple views below...

Laramie Peak

Those breathtaking views are just part of the location that contains one of the best hikes for this fall throughout North America. Some other spots that were listed were in Vermont, South Carolina, Virginia, Hawaii, Oregon, Arizona, and outside the U.S. in Ontario and British Columbia. Not a bad group of scenery to be lumped in with.

If you're looking to take a hike this fall, you definitely have one of the best in all North America relatively nearby, Wyoming!

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