No matter where you live in Wyoming you'll hear the sirens now and then, when the police speed down the road on a call.

Occasionally the call they are on is someone trying to get away. If we are lucky someone was able to pull out a video camera or their phone and capture the action.

Here are a few of the best Wyoming high speed chases that we would find on video.


  • 1

    I-25 Blew Right By

    A motorist captures the chase at it blows by him. EXCITING ENDING.

  • 2

    Casper Police Point Of View

    Ride along. See it from the cops point of view.

  • 3

    Rawlins Police Chase

    A driver sees a lot going on around him.

  • 4

    Wrong Way Crash With Cruiser

    Graphic. Cops stop a speeder going the wrong way on the highway.

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