Reckless drivers can show up anywhere. Whether it's someone trying to show off their vehicle as they gun it to get ahead of everyone from a dead stop at a traffic light or just your typical speeder that weaves their way through traffic, they're all around us. It turns out that in Wyoming, there's even more than you might think.

Car Insurance Comparison recently researched the top states for reckless driving in the U.S. and remarkably, as well as disappointingly, Wyoming somehow snatched the top spot for reckless driving above any other state in the U.S. An important note is also the fact that these statistics were taken from 2019, as the data is always extrapolated during the past year for that period of time.

In order to determine how this ranking came about, five main categories were taken into consideration in terms of fatal crashed and how they occurred, such as hit & run, police pursuit, rollover, speeding, and work zone. Unfortunately for Wyoming, they had a total of 55 reckless driving 'rollover' fatal accidents which accounted for 55 percent of the state's total reckless driving fatal accidents.

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Here's what Car Insurance Companion had to say about Wyoming in its reckless driving rankings:

Ranked first in this list of the 10 states with the most reckless drivers, Wyoming saw 99 reckless driving fatal crashes in 2019 or 17.11 reckless driving fatal crashes per 100,000 residents. This is 11.3 higher than the national average...Wyoming’s best category was actually a tie between hit and runs and police pursuit. There were zero reckless driving fatal crashes in each of those categories for Wyoming in 2019.

To round out the top ten states with reckless drivers, finishing behind Wyoming was New Mexico, South Carolina, Montana, Mississippi, Alabama, Missouri, Arkansas, West Virginia, and North Dakota.

So it seems that despite our low population in Wyoming, there's still lots of reckless drivers on the roads out there. Please be careful and stay safe, especially with winter weather expected this weekend!

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