Some is just slop and nonsense painted on walls. But some is art.

In this post we will look at a little of both, when it comes to Wyoming Graffiti.

If you have some in your area what we missed we would love to see it. Send us some pictures or the location where we can find it.


  • 1

    Wyoming Paint Slingers

    Some of you may have heard of the Wyoming Gun Slingers, in Cheyenne. These guys call themselves The Wyoming Paint Slingers.

  • 2

    Casper Wyoming Artists

    When it is as good as the art in the galleries.

  • 3

    Art From A Spray Can

    It's amazing what can come out of a store bought spray can.

  • 4

    Train Graffiti

    Tags that are just passing through the state but want to be seen.

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