Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon has signed a bill increasing the penalties for subsequent human trafficking penalties into law.

You can read HB 10 here.

Among other things, it provides for penalties of 25 years in prison without the chance of parole for subsequent human trafficking convictions. Wyoming law already provided for the penalty in cases where the victim was a minor.

In some cases, people can be sentenced up to 50 years in prison for subsequent human trafficking convictions.

The bill was one of 13 that the governor signed into law on Thursday.

Here is a complete list of those bills:

Bill No.Enrolled Act #Bill Title
HB0010HEA0001Human trafficking-penalty for subsequent conviction.
HB0009HEA0002Abstracts of court records.
HB0011HEA0003Qualified residential treatment programs.
HB0007HEA0004Commercial learner's permits.
HB0039HEA0005Remote education within a school district.
HB0160HEA0006Background checks-state treasurer's office.
HB0006HEA0009Commercial operators-registration and authority to operate.
HB0036HEA0010Pesticide registration fee.
HB0120HEA0011CHIP-state administration.
HB0136HEA0012Unclaimed property funds-investments.
SF0003SEA0001Military department authority to accept donations.
SF0011SEA0002Consumer protection act amendments.
SF0004SEA0003Wildlife conservation account.

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